Thinkware X550

Thinkware X550

  前鏡頭, 全港快相位提示,1080P, 30fps,內置gps,可加後鏡頭(1080P,3 ...

品 牌︰ Thinkware
型 號︰ X550
銷售價︰ HK$2,380.00




前鏡頭, 全港快相位提示,1080P, 30fps,內置gps,可加後鏡頭(1080P,30fps)






DUAL SAVE Technology:


雙保存技術是當行車時有碰撞,此碰撞影片將被儲存於內部記憶體,同時亦寫入sd 卡。當sd卡已損壞的情況下,雙保存技術保證了影片儲存於內部記憶體中, 重要影片萬無一失。





全港相機位提示及地感測速位置,配合高效能同時接收俄羅斯衛星及美國GPS, 定位精準快速




當你啟動了泊車錄影功能但停泊在室外及太陽暴晒下,車內溫度非常高, 此時系統會啟動自我保護功能把電源截斷保護你的設備





當高速行車時駕駛者因疲勞會偏離原車道造成危險, 此情況發生前系統會發出警報讓駕駛者立即修正, 此技術以往只會在高級汽車才會使用但現在已結合在Thinkware 系列內!





當你太接近前車,系統會發出警報讓駕駛者立即修正, 此技術以往只會在高級汽車才會使用但現在已結合在Thinkware 系列內!





With the 1920x1080p Full HD front/rear camera, you can accurately record movements of an object approaching the camera.
Use the THINKWARE DASH CAM to record keepsake memories while taking a drive with your family and loved ones.
Full HD recording in 30 stable frames allows you to accurately capture car accident, car vandalism, or hit and run accident during parking.
It can also be used as an Action Cam to record the thrills and spills of your action sport, such as race driving.
* THINKWARE DASH CAM™ X550's Full HD rear camera is sold separately.

Best Image Correction Technology

Your car is subject to diverse conditions and environments, whether driving at night, under strong direct sunlight, or entering and exiting a tunnel. The X500 has various image correction processes such as WDR, Super Night Vision, Smart AE and many other functions that are optimized for the product, leaving you with
a clear and accurate footage under all circumstances.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

When you are under direct sunlight, as you exit from a tunnel, or when you are overshadowed by high-rises, objects can appear too dark or too bright causing over or under exposed images. X500's WDR can remove the brightest part of a recorded video and adjust the overall balance to give a clean image.

* The WDR can cause degradation in clarity while correcting the exposure. Please make sure to set it properly before use.

Super Night Vision
(Nighttime Picture Quality Correction)
If there is no street light while driving at night or if it is too dark to detect an object, it may be difficult to judge the exact situation surrounding an incident. X500 has the Super Night Vision as a default function, which removes noise and adjusts brightness and colors at the sensor.

Smart AE
(Automatic Exposure)

If you are driving under strong sunlight, or face a strong headlight from a car approaching you from the rear, it makes it hard to identify the licence plate. When driving in a tunnel, the darkness may make the situation difficult to understand. X500's Smart AE always ensures ideal exposure and superb image quality in any lighting conditions.



On the LCD screen of the Dash Cam, you can check real-time and recorded videos, change the settings and format your memory card.
Using the 2.7 inch clear display, you no longer have to connect to a PC, MAC or smart device; you can simply perform these tasks in your car. X550 display has optimal specifications for displaying
clear and sharp images.


Capture the Crucial Moments in Full HD

With a 1080p Full HD Front and Rear camera, the X550 is able to record pristine quality video that captures the crucial details of any incident you may encounter while driving.

Recording at 30 frames per second without dropping a single frame, you can rely on the X550 to capture every moment of your commute in high definition-be it an accident or an unexpected hit-and-run.


140 Degree Wide Angle

The highly precise optical glass lens records all surrounding images around your car, without missing a movement, while minimizing distortion. The 140 degree wide angle lens can record both front and side situations of the car.

Strong Processor for Speedy Performance

X550 utilizes the best CPU with high specification applied in sports cam for its smart performance. It minimizes power consumption while providing optimal performance. X550 is a globally competitive Dash Cam that can reliably support major functions such as Front/Rear Full HD Ultra-high Quality Recording, Dual Save, WDR, Super Night Vision, Smart AE and others.

2.4 Million Pixel High Resolution Image Sensor
The 2.4 million pixel high resolution SONY Exmor CMOS image sensor can greatly improve the quality of night time images as well as day time images. Now,everything in front of X550 becomes brighter and clearer.
Vivid Driving Information Based on the Built-in GPS
Using the GPS data in X550, it can precisely pinpoint the vehicle's driving speed, location and routes on the map. The GPS helps you to accurately assess the status of the accident by providing you with the vehicle speed, the direction of collision and the severity of impact.  The video recording feature not only store driving footages, you can also use them to track your holiday travel routes with family and friends.  When your teenagers drive your car, they can review the routes and the driving data to improve on their driving techniques as well.

*X550 comes with aa built-in GPS.






The Dual Save technology is specially designed to save recorded footages in both the microSD memory card and the built-in internal memory in incident recording, safeguarding against the loss of data in the aftermath of a severe collision.  In the event that the memory card is damaged, the Dual Save Technology guarantees a backup copy of video in the internal memory.

The Dual Save Technology is activated when a certain level of impact is detected (impact sensitivity is adjustable unsing the PC/Mac Viewer).




Accelerometer G-Sensor


The X, Y, Z axes of the G sensor allow you to measure fluctuations in gravity, speed or rotation. At a glance, you can understand the axial movement and impact during an accident.


Viewer for Checking Clear and Precise Video


With smart functions and interface kept simple for first time users, THINKWARE DASH CAM allows you to easily and conveniently playback recorded videos. Through PC or Mac viewer, you can playback rear and front videos, and download recorded videos with information on your driving history and speed. With just a few clicks on the viewer, you can change the dash cam setting, format the memory card or update the firmware.






Continuous Recording

This mode is activated automatically when you start the engine. Recorded videos are saved in one-minute segments with an auto-looping mechanism.


Incident Recording

The built-in G-Sensor detects impact to your car, automatically recording the 10 seconds prior to and after the impact, ensuring that you have the evidence that you need.


Parking Surveillance Mode

The X550 supports a parking surveillance mode that monitors your vehicle when the ignition is off. A combination of motion detection and impact monitoring is used to protect your car from hit-and-run incidents.


Manual Recording

Similar to a video camera, you can use the Manual Recording Mode to capture events that occurs in front of you. Use this feature to capture special moments, such as a falling meteor or a herd of bison crossing the road.


Automatic Switching between Parking Mode and Continuous Mode

After the ignition is turned off, the dash cam automatically switches to parking surveillance mode. While the dash cam is in parking surveillance mode, a combination of motion detection recording and incident recording is maintained to keep watch over your vehicle. When you start the engine, the dash cam will automatically switch back to continuous recording mode.

* The optional hardwiring cable supports automatic switching to the parking mode and motion detection recording function.





Product Specifications



General Specifications
Dimension 104.3 x 51.4 x 29.3 mm / 4.1 x 2.02 x 1.15 inches Weight 111 g(Excluding microSD) / 0.24 lbs
Package Main Dash Cam Unit, Mount with 3M tape (1ea), Car Charger, Adhesive Cable Holder (5ea), Micro SD memory card with adapter (consumable), 
USB Micro SD card reader, Quick Start Guide / Warranty / User Manual (stored in the Micro SD card)


Detailed Specifications
Camera 2.4M Pixels, 1/2.9" (SONY CMOS Image sensor)
Display Panel 2.7" Clear Display (320x240)
Viewing Angle Approximately 140° (diagonally)
Video ALL Full HD (1920X1080) for front & rear view camera when connected
Capacity Micro SD Card 16GB / 32GB / 64GB UHS-I
Recording Modes Super Night Vision / Time Lapse / Continuous Recording Mode, Incident Recording Mode, Manual Recording Mode, Parking Surveillance Recording Mode,Audio Recording
Acceleration Sensor 3-Axis Acceleration G-Sensor (3D, ±4G)
GPS Built-in GPS (Glonass supported)
Power Input Voltage: DC 12/24V (Max 35V), Power Cable Port x 1 (3.5pi) / Power Consumption: 5.3W (mean) - 2ch,30fps , 3.5W (mean) - 1ch,30fps / Super Capacitor
Interface 1 x Video-IN (micro USB), DC-IN, Micro SD slot
ETC Front Security LED